Learn Skills to Succeed in a Corporate Career

What you will learn:

Right Attitude to Success
Goal Setting
Communication Excellence
Presentation skills
Team building


10am – 2pm

Cost of Training: Rs 4000

Module covers:

Session 1(2hrs)

Success Attitude

-Brief about the program
- What is your definition of success?
- What is Success attitude?
- Why is it required?
- How to develop Success Attitude?

Session 2(2hrs)

Goal Setting

-Know about goals
-SMART goals
-How to achieve goals( 7 Step goal setting process)

Session 3(2hrs)

Communication Excellence

-Communication Model
-Components of Communication
-Rapport Building

Session 4 (2hrs)

Presentation skills

-What are presentation skills?
-Why are they required?
-How to enhance presentation skills?

Session 5(2hrs)

Team building

-What is a team?
-Learn to be a team player & leader.
Feedback. Note: - All sessions will be activity based.