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Jewellery Merchandising

Jewellery Merchandising


Jewellery Merchandising is both a skill and an art. Pricing, Packaging, Display and placement must be given as much thought and planning as the jewellery itself in order to effectively convey its quality and value. This class combines traditional visual merchandising concepts that apply to physical storefronts as well as branding concepts and catalogue and internet merchandising strategies.

It is an extensive course covering a product from Research, training individuals to trend Forecasting, Conceptualizing, to Corel draw, Cad, Manufacturing, Visual Merchandising, Branding, Sales, Packaging and much more.

Merchandising management has never been more important to the success of a retail jewelry store than it is today. Consequently, measurable performance results are now equally important for all jewelry merchandising managers.


• 60 sessions


10+2 /Graduate/ professionals working in Industry


Well experienced, Renowned, working in the Industry.


Submission of all the exercises & tasks set in the course with Satisfactory level is necessary.

Target group

Those who are into the Jewellery industry, and want to get into Merchandising, and Product Planning.

Highlights of the Course
  • • 1st ever certified course on jewellery Merchandising
  • • Extensive training on Market Research and Product Development
  • • Training Individuals to be leaders with a vision and a mission
Course Contents
  • • What is Jewellery merchandising?
  • • Merchandising Management
  • • Introduction to Jewellery and Raw Materials
  • • Introduction to Stone Settings techniques in Jewellery
  • • Sketching concepts for specific Markets
  • • Product References
  • • Conceptualizing Jewellery designs
  • • Product Categorizations as per Markets
  • • Learn how to modify designs/suggest customer changes
  • • Overview of Corel Draw, Cad softwares and Manufacturing Processes
  • • Indepth study of Indian and International Jewellery Industry with all regions and their Trends
  • • Research and Trend Forecasting as per Markets: U.S, Europe, India, Australia, South East Asia, Japan, South Africa and Middle East.
  • • Planning and Costing New Collection Ranges.
  • • Identify your customer?
  • • Team Leadership Management
  • • Diamonds and Gemstones
  • • Know the commercial terms
  • • Process of Quality Control
  • • Branding Product range
  • • Sales and Pricing
  • • Visual Marketing
  • • Electronic Commerce in Jewellery Industry


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