Competency Based Interview

Competency Based Interview

Tata Institute of Social Sciences provides various short term workshops in the field of HR in Mumbai - Depending upon profile and requirement of the department, you can choose from the list of various HR Training workshops. Mentioned are the details of the workshop on Competency Based Interviews


Recruitment and Selection is one of the most important responsibilities of the Human Resource Management teams in organization. One of the most commonly used selection processes in the personal interview. It is extremely crucial that all HR managers as well as hiring line managers are skilled in conducting interviews so as to access the candidates for specific competencies. Good interviewing skills will not only help in identifying the right fit candidate and but also help in projecting the good reputation of the organization. This program helps to provide the participants an end to an understanding of competency based interviewing techniques.

  • • Working professional from any industry.
  • • Anyone who is required to conduct interviews regularly.
Course Structure

Duration – 1 Day (10am – 5pm)

Course Content:
  • • Overview - Recruitment & Selection process.
  • • Selection Methods.
  • • Types of Interviews.
  • • Understanding Competencies.
  • • Planning and preparing for an interview (CBI).
  • • Conducting an interview (CBI)– structuring and questioning.
  • • Writing an interview report.