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CAD 2D and 3D

CAD 2D and 3D

Computer Aided Jewellery Design & Manufacturing Rhinoceros

The course has been designed to deliver, the capabilities of “Rhinoceros” software in jewellery designing & manufacturing.

During the course, the students will be exposed to a computerized environment for creating digital design elements in to 2D as well as 3D modes exclusively used in jewellery. They will also be introduced to the methodology of CAM with help of which they would be able to transform their virtual CAD models into actual physical


• 60 sessions

Number of Seats





100% Attendance (Successful completion Portfolio+Internal Assessment)


Performance in regular Tests ,Portfolio & Final Examinations

Target Group

Jewellers, Designers, Manufacturers, industry professionals

Course contents
  • • Introduction Rhino Software
  • • Introduction Cad & Cam
  • • Jewellery Design Utilities
  • • 2D commands
  • • Dimensions
  • • 3D Surfaces & Solids commands
  • • Creating 3D Libraries
  • • Different Methods of Shank Designing
  • • Different Types of Settings
  • • Scooping
  • • Linkings
  • • Modifying Design from Templates
  • • Speed up Production Techniques
  • • High End Jewellery Design Making
Shade / Rendering

• Applying different colours to your design
• Changing the texture.

Cam Machine Introduction
Industry visit in the Jewellery Company
Final examination & portfolio submission


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