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Behavioural Training

Behavioural Training

Josho Learning and Development is one of the leading training centres in Mumbai for behavioural trainings. Behavioural training along with soft skills training covers a humungous area of personality development. It is one of the essential areas for growth at all the possible hierarchal levels in an organisation common across all the sectors of business and industry. An individual human behaviour is one of the most essential aspects in the organisation which needs continuous improvements and modifications to organisational effectiveness. And thus, a professional training in the arena of behavioural training is a must in today’s competitive business environment. A behavioural training becomes equally important in developing an employee’s insight and thinking process into certain benchmark and standard behavioural reflexes which can help an organisation achieve its set target goals and prime objectives efficiently as well as effectively. Based in Mumbai - the capital city of India, we at Josho ensure and guarantee a focussed training in the behavioural aspect of an individual to enhance their performance along with the overall organisation performance. The trainings with a behavioural inclination are formalized with the business aspect taken care of impeccably.

The Mumbai based Josho learning and development offers a great variety of behavioural takeaways:

  • 1. Effective communication skills

  • 2. Decision making skills

  • 3. Powerful presentation skills

  • 4. Convincing interpersonal skills

  • 5. Intrapersonal skills

  • 6. Proper planning skills

  • 7. Enhancing creative thinking

  • 8. Successful multitasking skills

  • 9. Problem solving skills, etc al.